52nd Annual Conference of Association of Plastic Surgeons of India

  • Video Workshop: 15th November, 2017

  • Venue: Amirta Institue of Medical Sciences

  • Conference: 16th- 19th November, 2017

  • Venue: Le Meridien Convention Centre

KATHAKALI - The quintessential art form

Kathakali (literally, story play), the spectacular classical dance drama of Kerala based on the guidelines laid by Sage Bharatha's Natya Sastra, the ancient treatise on dance and drama, is over 500 years old. This elaborate art form integrates dance, music, poetry and histrionics. And combines both the thandava (powerful energetic dance, as that of Shiva) and lasya (gentle graceful dance, as that of Parvathi) element.

The essence of Kathakali Abhinya (expression) is the heart of Kathakali, especially abaryaabhinaya. Make-up is used not merely to enable the spectator to visualize the character's appearance but also to indicate the nature and personality of the character being represented. Netrabhinaya (abhinaya through the eyes) is important in Kathakali and chundapoovu or Solanumpubesscuce is applied to the eyes to redden and draw attention to them

Different hues, different personae There is in Kathakali a recognized convention regarding vesham which includes make-up and costume. Vesham is classified into four, viz., thechavesham (painted make-up) and minukkuvesham (polished make-up). Thecha is again subdivided into pachavesham (green) which represents morally excellent characters and kathivesham (knife) representing evil characters. Thaadi too has its subdivisions - vella (white), chuvanna (red) and karutha (black) - each colour standing for a certain type of character. Kari vesham represents she-demons and minukku represents gentleness and spiritual qualities

Where emotions flow from the hands and face Women generally do not acts and the female characters are played by men. Actors do not speak or sing, but enact dialogic sections called padams through mudras (hand gestures and facial expressions. There are 24 mudras in Kathakali which express the nine rasas or emotions viz., serenity, wonder, kindness, love, valour, fear, contempt, loathing and anger.

The backdrop The stage for Kathakali is bare, except for a lamp with drummers and singers standing on either side. Music is in the sopanamstyle which is the classical mode of singing in Kerala with two vocalists (small cymbals), chenda and maddalam (drums). The themes of this awe-inspiring art are taken from India's rich and colourful mythology.

The Make up for Kathakali is a very elaborate process and a delight to watch. We have arranged the artist to have the make up from the venue. It takes around four hours and very artistic. We are arranging transport for the spouses to visit Bolgatty early to see the splendor of the makeup. The makeup is very elaborate. It is so elaborate that it is more like a mask than makeup in the usual sense. The materials that comprise the makeup is all locally available. The white is made from rice flour; the red is made from Vermilion (a red earth such as cinnabar). The black is made from soot. The colours are not merely decoration, but are also a means of portraying characters. For instance, red on the feet is used to symbolise evil character and evil intent. Each character is instantly recognisable by their characteristic makeup and costume.The extraordinary costumes and make-up serve to raise the participants above the level of mere mortals, so that they may transport the audience to a world of wonders.

After that we have the Sunset cruise to the Arabian sea
We have arranged a Photography contest for sights of Kerala with attractive prizes to be shot on site in the three hours the contest is open.


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